Jun 14

Stoner Holsters Ankle Holster & Calf Strap

A look at the Ankle Holster and Calf Strap from Stoner Holsters. The unique design of the Ankle Holster has 2 pockets sewn right into the elastic, eliminating the need for additional material to secure the firearm. This creates a very concealable and secure way to carry your weapon.

Stoner Holsters Ankle Holster:

  • Safety strap to firmly secure your firearm
  • Breathable material suitable for all day carry
  • Available in right or left handed designs
  • Unique dual pocket design allows the same holster to fit a very large range of weapons
  • Anti-Skid pad is attached behind the weapon to prevent the holster from moving
  • Thin design makes this ankle holster the lowest profile on the market
  • Proudly made in the USA