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Sep 06

Holster Review – PJ Holster Inside Waistband Holster & Magazine Carrier

From the willwood47 Channel, a review of the Inside Waistband Holster and Magazine Carrier from PJ Holster. The Inside Waistband Holsters from PJ Holsters are available for a large selection of handguns, and feature several customizable options.

Sep 22

PJ Holster Custom Kydex Holsters

Falia reviews custom Kydex holsters from PJ Holster, including IWB and OWB models. The holsters shown in this review are for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. This review also features the PJ Holster Magazine Carriers.

Sep 22

PJ Holster Kydex Color Options

Falia gives us a look at the various holsters and Kydex color options available at PJ Holster. The giveaway mentioned in this video has expired, but you can still find these holsters on the PJ Holster site.

Sep 21

Zorn Holsters Wraith Holster

Harley Wood reviews the Wraith Holster from Zorn Holsters. The gun used in this Kydex holster review is a Glock 19. Also shown in this video is a Kydex holster from PJ Holsters.