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May 05

Stoner Holsters Stormer Leather Shoulder Holster

A look at the Stoner Holsters Stormer Vertical Custom Leather Shoulder Holster. The Stormer is designed to allow the user draw the most natural way possible. The Stormer comes with a shoulder harness, double horizontal magazine pouch, magazine side tie down, holster shell, and removable holster insert.  

Jun 14

Stoner Holsters Ankle Holster & Calf Strap

A look at the Ankle Holster and Calf Strap from Stoner Holsters. The unique design of the Ankle Holster has 2 pockets sewn right into the elastic, eliminating the need for additional material to secure the firearm. This creates a very concealable and secure way to carry your weapon. Stoner Holsters Ankle Holster: Safety strap to firmly secure …

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