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Aug 23

Tagua Holster for Beretta & Taurus Semi Auto Pistols

The Kataboy32 Channel reviews a Tagua holster for Beretta and Taurus semi auto pistols.  

Apr 02

Tagua Premium Series Thumb Break Belt Holster

A quick look at the Thumb Break Belt Holster from the Tagua Gunleather Premium Series. This holster is sewn by hand with double stitching to ensure lasting durability. It is made with 100% genuine cowhide in wild skin pattern.  

Sep 11

Comfort-Tuk IWB Holster

A review of the Comfort-Tuk IWB Holster. The Comfort-Tuk holsters show in this review are for the Glock 17/19/23 and the Walther PPK. Other holsters shown are from Turner Industries and Tagua GunLeather.