Simply Rugged Holsters Cuda Leather Concealed Carry Holster

From the Executive EDC Channel, a look at the Cuda Leather Concealed Carry Holster from Simply Rugged Holsters. The holster shown was built for the Springfield Champion Lightweight Operator.

Also shown is a matching magazine pouch and flashlight holster.

Cuda – Leather Concealed Carry Holster:

  • High ride pancake design for auto loaders, easily concealed
  • Open top for easy draw and reholstering
  • Can be worn IWB (w/our inside-the-waistband straps) or OWB
  • Belt slots are 1.75″ and can be worn on our Chesty Puller Straps
  • Strong side or crossdraw versatility
  • “Flab Tab” on back of holster to protect you from the sites on pistol
  • Leather encompases gun to give it full protection
  • Open bottom for grit, fuzz or water to pass through
  • Small auto loaders (i.e. Ruger LCP, Beretta Nano, Sig 238, Sig 938, small Kahr autos, etc.) – 2 SLOTS ONLY – NO CROSSDRAW