New Galco Holsters (Ankle Guard, Quick Slide Belt Holster, ExtremeTuk IWB Holster)

From the 2018 Concealed Carry Expo, Mike Barham from Galco Holsters gives us a look at their newest holsters. Holsters shown include the Ankle Guard Ankle Holster, Quick Slide Belt Holster, and ExtremeTuk IWB Holster.


Galco Ankle Guard:

  • Hybrid injection-molded/centercut steerhide construction 
  • Lined neoprene ankle cuff 
  • Velcro closure 
  • Two adjustable tension units 
  • Fits ankles to 13″ in circumference 
  • Available in black

Galco Quick Slide Belt Holster:

  • Hybrid Kydex/steerhide construction 
  • Accommodates multiple barrel lengths on same frame size 
  • Near-neutral cant 
  • Quick on-off snapping belt loops 
  • Passive retention device at trigger guard 
  • Fits belts up to 1 1/2″

Galco ExtremeTuk:

  • Hybrid Kydex/cowhide construction
  • Full slide/barrel coverage
  • Two types of polymer belt clips included
  • Mild forward cant
  • Fits belts to 1 3/4″