Safariland 7TS Patrol Holster

Officer Owen Griffith gives us a look at the Safariland 7TS Patrol Holster. 7TS holsters are designed to be lightweight and impervious to the elements, tolerating extreme heat and cold, as well as water. Once your firearm is holstered, it’s secured with the SLS (Self Locking System) and/or the ALS (Automatic Locking System). To ensure a perfect fit to the body, the precision injection-molded 7TS holsters are designed to be compatible with all Safariland holster mounting options

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Safariland 7TS Patrol Holster:

  • Proprietary nylon blend protects your firearm’s finish from marks and scratches
  • Raised interior surfaces create airspace around the weapon to prevent dirt and moisture from coming in contact with your firearm
  • Extreme heat tolerance; structurally sound at 300° F
  • Incredibly cold tolerant; structurally sound at -50° F
  • Can be submerged in water indefinitely and still maintain shape and performance
  • Matte finish means an easy-to-maintain surface with minimal reflection
  • Compatible with all Safariland® holster mounting options