Tactica Defense Fashion Outside the Waistband Holster for Women

Tactica Defense Fashion

Tactica Defense Fashion Releases Comfortable Outside the Waistband Holster for Women

POST FALLS, ID – (HolsterVault.com) – Tactica Defense Fashion has recently added an outside the waistband option to their lineup of premium holster offerings. The Tactica OWB Holster is designed to provide you with ultimatecomfort while also demonstrating its versatility with both concealed and open carrying.


Many open carry holsters today typically have a universally based shape that will work for both men and women. While convenient, this style of holster is not always congenial with the female profile, making the option for open carry nearly impossible.

Tactica Defense Fashion has remedied this by constructing their own OWB holster to better contour to a woman’s body shape by adding a relief cut near the trigger guard. While providing comfort as you carry,this feature also lets you gain a better firing grip for quick draw.

Tactica President, Sandi Little says, “The naturally high-riding position lets you cover the holster with an untucked shirt or another layer, concealing easily outside the waistband.”

The Tactica OWB holster comes complete with two polymer loops that will fit up to 1.5” gun belts and an integrated spring-steel core to keep the holster rigid but flexible. The base features ventilated neoprene to help wick away excess moisture and bound edges to ensure a lifetime of use.

Like many of their other holster options, you can also personalize the retention of your firearm with their custom-molded shell and adjustable mounting hardware included in your purchase.

The Tactica OWB holster comes backed by a lifetime warranty and a 30-Day trial period. It retails at an affordable $49.99 and is available now at TacticaFashion.com.

About Tactica Defense

Fashion With over 20 years of fashion experience, Tactica is teaming up with leaders within the holster industry to discover effective ways to bridge the gap between the gun industry and the world of fashion. Every product is inspired by women. For more information, visit https://tacticafashion.com/.