Tactica Defense Fashion Releases New Ankle Holster

Tactica Defense Fashion

Tactica Defense Fashion Releases New Ankle Holster

POST FALLS, ID – (HolsterVault.com) – Tactica Defense Fashion has just released their new ankle carry holster, providing further options for those who prefer not to carry on the waistband.

Tactica Defense Fashion Ankle Holster

When circumstances dictate that carrying on the waistband or out in the open is not possible, ankle carry is always a good alternative.

This Tactica Ankle Holster allows you to carry your choice of a backup gun, available for a vast range of calibers in total comfort or provide an effective concealment option for your primary pistol. Tactica Defense Fashion took classic design elements of ankle rigs and gave them a more modernized feel, giving you a more secure carry as well as comfort.

Tactica President, Sandi Little, says “We put extra focus into the stability and comfort of this product. It is designed for women of all sizes to comfortably conceal without worrying about their firearm flopping around while in motion.”

The holster operates by attaching the two industrial hook and loop cuffs wrapped around your upper and lower calf, and inserting your pistol into the pouch located on the inside of your ankle. The elastic band is padded with a strong yet flexible polymer material that ensures the full coverage of your firearm and trigger guard. Once inserted, simply secure the grip of your gun with the hook and loop strap and you’re ready to carry.

When placing your order, you will select the band sized to fit the ankle you intend to carry on along with your dominant draw hand. The holster will be worn on the inside of your opposite draw hand in order to help with a more natural draw. There is also an accessory pouch that can act as a magazine holster so
you can carry your gun and reload all at once.

The Tactica Ankle Holster is made to accommodate most micro and single-stack subcompact pistols and comes backed with a lifetime warranty and 30-day trial period. It retails at an affordable $45.99 and is available now at TacticaFashion.com.

About Tactica Defense Fashion
With over 20 years of fashion experience, Tactica is teaming up with leaders within the holster industry to discover effective ways to bridge the gap between the gun industry and the world of fashion. Every product is inspired by women.

For more information, visit https://tacticafashion.com/.