Adjustable Pocket Holster from Versacarry


The New Adjustable Pocket Holster from Versacarry Provides
Superb Performance in a Stylish Look

(HolsterVault) – Deciding how to carry a concealed weapon is a decision sometimes hard to make. Should you carry inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB)? There are also shoulder holsters that conceal handguns when worn inside a jacket.

Versacarry Pocket Holster with Claw - 1911

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Carrying the handgun in a pocket is a popular alternative to conceal a handgun for quick access. Versacarry has just introduced a new pocket holster with several features that will be of interest for those who carry in their pockets.

The new Adjustable Pocket Holster is packed with thought and design by the Versacarry design engineers.  Handcrafted in Texas from Water Buffalo leather, the holster is available in a variety of sizes that fit most popular handguns. To add support and integrity to the holster, Versacarry has incorporated extra layers of leather in the front while remaining aesthetically appealing.

Pocket holsters can be difficult to conceal. Versacarry has incorporated both a slim design and curve to their new holster so that it conforms to the shape of the leg when carried in a pocket.  This minimizes the exposure of the handgun while resting in the pocket.

Versacarry uses a unique Kydex claw to help retain the holster in the pocket and enables the owner to adjust it to fit their needs. This claw grabs the pant pocket when the pistol is drawn making for a clean separation of the gun and holster. Each holster comes with a medium size claw attached to the holster. Versacarry includes both longer and shorter claws with each holster that can replace the medium claw if so desired by the owner to adjust the holster to their firearm and pocket size.

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The Adjustable Pocket Holster is available in four sizes ranging from a micro model all the way to size 1911 and sub-compact models.  Some models accommodate lights and lasers.

Versacarry Adjustable Pocket Holster
Versacarry Adjustable Pocket Holster

Adjustable Pocket Holster Features:

  • Made of Water Buffalo leather
  • Slight curve design to conform to the leg
  • Slim design
  • Multiple retention claws to custom fit for gun and function
  • Multiple sizes available

Suggested retail price is $34.99.

Versacarry produces a wide variety of holsters and other shooting related products. For more information visit Versacarry.