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N8 Tactical Holsters Now Available for New FN 503™

OT2 Holster

SPRINGFIELD, MO., – (HolsterVault) – N8 Tactical, a modern-day holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day, announces the OT2 holster is available for the new FN 503™ 9mm single stack pistol.
The OT2 Holster is an exceedingly comfortable IWB holsters that merges the N8 Tactical Original Holster and Tuckable Holster designs into an all-new platform that is high on ergonomics and clothing compatibility for all-day wear.
Built on a durable leather form, the OT2 comes with a three-layered patented backer that provides full coverage of the holstered firearm to maximize concealed carry comfort and to eliminate pressure points. Contributing to the all-day-comfort wear, the holster features a moisture-proof neoprene core between the leather backer and the soft suede backing (against body). This protects the firearm from sweat and body oils while offering a compression cushion. A patent-pending LockDown clip allows for adjustable cant and for shirts to be tucked for a more formal appearance.
Designed to accommodate medium sized pistols such as the new FN 503™, the OT2 is compatible with similar sized handguns and even accommodates for lights and lasers. As with all N8 Tactical holsters, the OT2 comes with a Two-Week, Try it Free Guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

About N8 Tactical:

N8 Tactical is a holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all-day carry, every day. Driven by a community of new concealed carry owners, N8 Tactical offers some of the best holster and concealed carry accessories for today’s modern pistols and revolvers. As of January of 2020, MTC Holsters, LLC., the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, purchased N8 Tactical and moved the company to its headquarters in Springfield, MO. For more information about N8 Tactical products, please visit, or call 888-732-5011.

About MTC Holsters:

MTC Holsters was founded in January 2020, the parent company of CrossBreed Holsters, N8 Tactical, and Magna-Arm, with the goal of developing functional, dependable, and comfortable American-made products for the fast-paced concealed carry market. MTC Holsters guiding principles are to provide the best service to concealed carry consumers while supporting 2nd Amendment rights and firearms heritage. To learn more about MTC Holsters, please call 888-732-5011.

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