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Bullard Leather

December Holster Sale

During the entire month of December receive 10% off at Bullard Leather. In addition, receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Discount applies to leather gun belts, knife sheaths and wallets as well.

Bullard Leather Crossdraw Holster
Bullard Leather Crossdraw Holster

Bullard Leather December Discount

  • Discount: 10% off regular orders & Free Shipping on purchases of $100 or more
  • Discount Valid Through: 12/31/20
  • Instructions: Discount automatically applied
  • Visit Now: Bullard Leather

Available Holsters from Bullard Leather

Bullard Leather is able to make holsters for a wide variety of gun makes and models. Below is a list of their gun molds. If you don’t see your gun on this list, contact them via phone or email. It is very possible that their gun mold list has expanded, or we have inadvertently left out a few.

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Beretta 84/85, Cheetah
Beretta 92 A1
Beretta Cougar, 8000, 8400 3.6″
Beretta Nano Beretta 92FS
Beretta PX4 Storm 3″ sub compact
Beretta PX4 Storm 4″ full size (all calibers)
Beretta Stampede (same as Colt SAA)
Beretta Tomcat
Bersa BP9CC
Bersa Firestorm
Bersa Thunder .380 9mm/.45 3.5″
Bersa Thunder .380 Plus R
Bersa Thunder 9mm Ultra Carry
Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry .380 3.2″
Boberg XR9S
Bond Arms Derringer (All Models)
Browning 1911 .380 3 5/8″
Browning 1911 .380 4.25″
Browning 1911 .380 w/ Rail 4.25″
Browning 1911 .380 w/Rail 3 5/8″
Browning 1911- 22 A1 4.25″
Browning 1911-22 A1 3 5/8″
Browning BDA .380 3.82″
Browning Hi Power, 1935 4.66″
Charles Daly 1911 (all models same as Colt)
Charles Daly Hi Power (same as Browning)
Charter Bulldog
Cimarron (all models same as Colt SAA)
Colt 1903
Colt 1911 (all models)
Colt Anaconda All Barrel Lengths
Colt Cobra 2″ Old Version
Colt Cobra New Version
Colt Detective Special
Colt Government
Colt Mustang .380 2.75″
Colt Mustang XSP
Colt Python 4″
Colt SAA (all models )
CZ 2075 Rami 3″
CZ 75 P01 Duty
CZ 75 P07
CZ 75,83,85
CZ 75B Compact
CZ 75B Full Size
CZ P01, SP01
CZ P09
Dan Wesson 1911
Desert Baby Eagle (Steel Frame Only)
Desert Eagle Micro .380
Detonics 1911 (same as Colt)
Diamondback DB380
Diamondback DB380 w/CT Laserguard
Diamondback DB9
Doubletap 9mm/.45 E
Ed Brown 1911 (all models same as Colt)
EMF 1873, Hartford, Dakota, Frontier Marshal (Same As Colt SAA)
FN 509
FN Five-Seven 5.7 4.75″
FN Hi Power
FNH 45
FNH FNS 40 5″
FNH FNS 9/40 C
Freedom Arms Model 83
Glock 17, 22, 31
Glock 19, 23, 32
Glock 19, 23, 32 w/CT Laser (old)
Glock 19, 23, 32 w/ Green CT Laser
Glock 20, 21SF
Glock 20, 21, 37
Glock 26, 27, 33 w/CT Laser
Glock 26, 27, 33
Glock 29, 30 SF w/CT Laser
Glock 29, 30, SF
Glock 30S
Glock 34, 35
Glock 36
Glock 38, 39
Glock 41
Glock 42
Glock 42 w/CT Laserguard
Glock 43
H&K .45 compact
H&K P2000
H&K P2000SK
H&K P30
H&K USP (all models)
Henry Mare’s Leg
High Standard 1911 (same as Colt)
Kahr K 9/40, P 9/40. CW 9/40 w/CT Laserguard
Kahr K-9/40, P-9/40, CW 9/40
Kahr P 45, CW 45
Kahr P 45, CW 45 w/CT Laserguard
Kahr P 9/40 w/CT Laserguard
Kahr P-380
Kahr P-380 w/ CT Laserguard
Kahr PM 45
Kahr PM 45 w/CT Laserguard
Kahr PM/MK 9/40
Kahr PM/MK 9/40 w/CT Laserguard
Kel Tec PMR 30
Kel-Tec P11
Kel-Tec P32, P3AT
Kel-Tec P32, P3AT w/ CT Laserguard
Kel-Tec PF 9/40
Kimber 1911 (all models same as Colt)
Kimber K6s 2″ & 3″
Kimber Micro 9mm
Kimber Micro Carry .380
Kimber Solo
Magnum Research Baby Eagle (see Desert Baby Eagle)
Makarov (all makes and calibers)
NAA .22 Mag 1 5/8″ bbl
NAA .32 Guardian
NAA Pug .22 Mag
Para-Ordnance (all models)
Redhawk all barrel length
Rock Island 1911 (all models)
Rock Island 1911 .380 Baby Rock
Rohrbaugh R9/R9S
Rossi 68,88 (same as Taurus 85)
Ruger Alaskian
Ruger Bearcat 4″
Ruger Bisley Old Vaquero (all barrel lengths)
Ruger Blackhawk all calibers (all barrel lengths)
Ruger Bulldog
Ruger GP100 (all barrel lengths)
Ruger LC 380
Ruger LC9
Ruger LC9 w/CT Laserguard
Ruger LCP
Ruger LCP II T
Ruger LCP w/CT Laserguard
Ruger LCR
Ruger LCRX Ruger P-85,P-89,
Ruger New Vaquero (all barrel lengths)
Ruger P95 with Rails
Ruger PT 1911
Ruger PT945
Ruger Redhawk (all barrel lengths)
Ruger Single Nine 6.5″ barrel
Ruger Single Six (all barrel lengths)
Ruger SP101 2 1/4″ & 3 1/16″ barrel
Ruger SR22
Ruger SR45
Ruger SR9
Ruger SR9 compact
Ruger Super
Ruger Super Blackhawk all calibers (all barrel lengths)
Ruger Vaquero (all barrel lengths)
S&W 1911 (all models)
S&W 500 8 3/8″ bbl
S&W 686 6″ bbl
S&W 908
S&W Auto’s, 4506, 5906, 6906
S&W Bodyguard .380 w/laser
S&W Bodyguard 38
S&W Bodyguard 380
S&W Governor 45/410 S&W Model 99
S&W J-Frame (all barrel lengths and models)
S&W K-Frame (all barrel lengths all Nightguard and M&P models)
S&W L-Frame (all barrel lengths all Nightguard and M&P models)
S&W M&P 45 compact
S&W M&P 45 full size
S&W M&P 9 2.0 5″
S&W M&P compact (all calibers)
S&W M&P full size (all calibers)
S&W M&P Shield all calibers
S&W M&P Shield w/CT Laserguard
S&W Model 39
S&W N-Frame (all barrel lengths and models)
S&W SD 9/40
S&W SD 9/40 VE
S&W Sigma
Seecamp .32
Seecamp .380 Sig M11 A1
Sig 1911 (all models)
Sig Mosquito
Sig P220 compact
Sig P220/P226
Sig P220R/P226R w/rails
Sig P225
Sig P227 SAS
Sig P229 DAK
Sig P229 no rail
Sig P229R w/rails
Sig P230/P232
Sig P2340
Sig P238
Sig P238 HD
Sig P238 w/CT laser
Sig P238 w/tactical laser
Sig P239
Sig P245
Sig P250 compact
Sig P250 full size
Sig P250 sub compact
Sig P290
Sig P290 w/laser
Sig P320 Compact
Sig P320 Full Size
Sig P320 SC non rail
SIG P320 X-Five fullsize
Sig P365
Sig P938
Sig P938 w/CT Green Dot Laser
Sig P938 w/CT Laser (old)
Sig P938 w/Sig Laser (old)
Sig Pro
Sig Pro SP2022
Springfield 1911 .380
Springfield 1911’s (all models)
Springfield EMP
Springfield MOD 2 5″ Tactical 9mm/.45 fits in XD 5″ holster
Springfield XD 3″ Mod 2
Springfield XD 3″ sub compact (all calibers)
Springfield XD 4″ 9/40 w/CT Laserguard
Springfield XD 4″ compact (all calibers)
Springfield XD 45 3.3 Mod 2 Fits in the XDM 3.8 Holster
Springfield XD 45 4″
Springfield XD 45 5″
Springfield XD 5″ full size (all calibers)
Springfield XD E 9mm, .45- Fits in the XD 3″ holster
Springfield XDG Mod 2 .45
Springfield XDM 3.8 (same as 3.8 compact)
Springfield XDM 45
Springfield XDM 5.25
Springfield XDM full size
Springfield XD-S 3.3″
Springfield XD-S 3.3″ w/CT Laserguard
Springfield XD-S 4″
Taurus 1911 (all models)
Taurus 24/7 4″
Taurus 24/7 subcompact
Taurus 450 2″ barrel
Taurus 709, 740 Slim Taurus 85 2″ , 650, 651 barrel etc
Taurus 92FS
Taurus Judge 2.5″ chamber 3″, 4″ barrel
Taurus Judge 3″ mag chamber 3″, 4″ barrel
Taurus Judge PD 2″ barrel (Polymer Frame)
Taurus Judge PD 2″ Barrel (Steel Frame)
Taurus Millennium G2
Taurus Millennium Pro (all models and calibers)
Taurus PT111
Taurus PT140
Taurus PT145
Taurus Raging Judge
Taurus TCP 738 380
Taurus TCP 738 w/CT Laserguard
Taurus Tracker
Uberti Single Action Revolver (all calibers and barrel lengths)
Walther CCP
Walther P22 .380 3.25″
Walther P99
Walther PK380
Walther PPK
Walther PPK/s
Walther PPQ
Walther PPQ .45
Walther PPQ M2 9/40
Walther PPS
Walther PPS M2 9/40
Walther PPX
Wilson 1911 (all models)