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Jan 13

Holster Review – Clinger Holsters V3 Stingray for M&P 2.0 Compact

This holster review from the FirearmPatriot channel takes a look at the Clinger Holsters V3 Stingray holster. The holster reviewed is for the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Compact.  Clinger Holsters V3 Stingray: Ambidextrous Versatility Full Sweat Shield Adjustable Retention Adjustable Cant Covered Mag Release  

Mar 03

Holster Review – Clinger Holsters No-Print Wonder Holster

Another holster review from Conceal Carry Girl. This review features the No-Print Wonder Holster from Clinger Holsters. The No-Print Wonder Holster is a leather/Kydex hybrid holster that is designed to maximize concealment. If features Clinger’s Patent-Pending Cling Tab technology that actively pulls the grip of your weapon in close to your body. In addition, this is a fully tuckable …

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Aug 09

Clinger Holsters V2 Stingray Holster for Glock 43

A look at the Clinger Holsters V2 Stingray Holster for a Glock 43. The V2 Stingray is available for a large selection of handguns and features adjustable retention and cant.  

Sep 27

Choosing the Best Holster

The Maryland Refugee Channel gives some tips for choosing the best holster. Holsters shown in this video are from Raw Dog Tactical, Cook’s Holsters, Clinger Holsters, Blade-Tech, White Hat Holsters, and Alien Gear Holsters. The pistols shown in this video include a Glock 26 and Glock 19.    

Aug 30

Clinger Holsters No-Print Wonder Holster for XD Mod2

From the 1776 or Bust Channel, a look at the No-Print Wonder holster from Clinger Holsters. The holster shown is for the Springfield XD Mod.2. Also shown is the Cloak Tuck from Alien Gear.  

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